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Equipment: JM Custom Kydex magazine pouch

This piece of equipment is a great way to carry an extra magazine, with some added comfort and versatility.

The JM Custom magazine pouch is an angled mag pouch that sits inside the waistband. The angle is for the comfort of the shooter. If you carry your magazine forward of the hips, the magazine being angled to the rear helps both with comfort, as well as quick access.

The problem with most magazines is that when you angle the mag, less of the mag is held inside the pants. This pouch is extended for both extended mags, as well as a deeper pouch to support your mags and keep them from flipping over the top of your belt. The mag extension also has a stop for the end of the mag, which keeps the magazine at the proper height to access.

This pouch is very well thought out and definitely worth the money. If you need a pouch, this could be the one.

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