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Equipment: Esstac Kywi

I have been using the Kywi m4 mag pouches from the company Esstac now for a couple years and have been pretty happy with them. I have been using their pistol mag pouches now for almost a half a year and am pleased with them as well. The pouches don't have any attachment hardware with them. When ordering you need to click the drop down arrow to choose which hardware you would like to purchase for attaching them. They have options for malice clips to be used if you are attaching them to molle. They also have a couple different belt loop options if you are going to be sliding them onto a belt. At first it is kind of a pain to attach the hardware because the molle webbing is tight. I found that removing the kydex inserts that are just held in place by velcro makes it a lot more pliable and easier to install the hardware. The pouches are kind of pricey but offer some nice features. They retain the magazines tightly without having to have retaining straps over the top of the pouches. The kydex holds the mags tightly. The kydex also keeps the mag pouch from collapsing when removing magazines. Also, because the Kydex is placed inside the nylon, the pouches aren't as loud as a solid kydex mag pouch when removing and inserting magazines. On Esstac's website you can choose the color of the pouches, you can choose your preference between long, mid, and low height pouches. Their is even an option if you would like molle sewn onto the outside of the pouch in case you want to double stack mag pouches or attach something else to them. They are even manufactured here in the U.S. and their shipping seems to be pretty quick. I have been very happy with them so far and would not hesitate to recommend them to people that are searching for mag pouches for battle belts or range use.

Have a great and safe weekend!

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