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Equipment: Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Buffalo Bore ammunition is a niche ammo manufacturer in Idaho, formerly in western Montana. They specialize in high performance ammunition for hunting and large predator defense, but have also come out with a personal protection line as well.

Buffalo Bore began because there was no company making the ammunition that owner wished to see. Ammunition for bear defense and high velocity hunting ammo was an affair for handloaders and bullet casters only. Buffalo Bore took up the mantle of testing bullet alloys, proprietary powders, and higher pressures to see what performance could be achieved. The best part of their website is seeing the actual testing and velocities they got in real guns, with cited barrel lengths.

The most recognizable line they make is the Outdoorsman load. True to its name, it is made for defense against 4 legged animals that wish to make YOU the prey. Offered in many pistol and revolver calibers, this ammunition makes the most of what you have, even if it is 9mm or 40 S&W. Their ammunition is, as their tag line says, strictly business.

Their hunting ammunition is also worth investigating. Buffalo Bore makes a line of standard cartridges, magnums, and even safari magnum cartridges. A great deal of them exceed normal velocity specifications.

Finally, their personal defense line is designed to add some extra "oomph" to your pistol. It far exceeds normal velocities for standard bullet weights and can be exceptional special use ammunition.

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