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Drill: Recruit Qual (beta)

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Today's drill is a newly rolled put qualification for New York recruits. I do not know what department this is from, but seems to be be oriented toward red dot sights (RDS). Enjoy!

Our state certifying body is pushing out a new recruit pistol qual.

Passing time is 30.00 seconds for instructors, 40 seconds for in service. Any hit outside A zone is 3 a second penalty added to the time. Outside C zone is a failure for that stage. You can repeat 1 stage but its an automatic 3 second penalty. Fail more than 1 stage automatic DNQ.

Must use a shot timer to record times. For the pelvis we assumed there was an outline on the Modern Samurai Project target rds squares to form a rectangle.

Cof. 10 round mag in gun 15 round as a reload.

3 yards, 2 body 2 head.

3 yards , 4 rounds body with flashlight in support hand.

5 yards 2 body, slide lock reload 2 pelvis.

7 yards. Start with an empty chamber, tap/rack 2 body 2 pelvis

If iron sights, Start at 25, run to 15, 4 rounds to the body.

If rds, start at 35, run to 25, 4 rounds to the body.

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