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Drill: Baer Solutions Warm Up Target

This Drill is the Baer Solutions Warm Up Target. If you complete the whole drill, you will use 141 rounds. This drill can be found at and just click the download button located below the targets. The instructions for this drill are printed right on the targets. A good starting distance for this drill is three yards and work out from there as you become comfortable.

The first two drills are not done from the holster

Drill one: The shooter can start drill one from the low ready position or begin with sights already on target. This drill starts out shooting dominant hand only, support hand only, dominant hand only, and lastly both hands.

Drill two: This drill is done from the compressed ready position. This will isolate your skill of acquiring your sights over the target with the single shot. The second portion of this drill will work the same thing but then layer in another skill to work on of recoil management, placing another shot on target and getting a third sight picture with each repetition of this.

From here on out the rest of the drills will begin starting from the holster.

Drill 3: This will isolate your draw time to first shot. Ten repetitions of this will give you an idea of your draw time both cold and an average draw time once warmed up as well.

Drill 4: This drill is practicing your emergency reloads. You will complete this for ten repetitions which will also give you an idea of how long it takes you to complete an emergency reload cold and you can also figure an average from your other reps to see how you do warmed up.

The following drills will be completed on the second target.

Drill 5: This is a cadence drill. You will fire each time you repeat a number in your mind. You will start off slow with 1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand, 4 thousand, 5 thousand. These roughly spaces your shots about a second apart. Then you will try 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, this places your shots about a half second apart. After this it gets quite a bit more challenging. With the last two drills of these it will go as follows, 1,2,3,4,5 and 12345. These two will put your split times roughly around a quarter second and an eight of a second respectively. You will notice the first two parts of this drill are easiest so you will probably be able to accomplish them on one of the smaller circles, while the last two parts of this drill will likely have to be completed on one of the larger circles in order to keep the pace up while keeping all of the shots inside of the circles. This will layer many skills together such as recoil management, sight alignment on target, and test you for a consistent grip. If your grip is not consistent, then your cadence of fire will not be evenly spaced because your gun will be moving differently each time. With a good solid grip, keeping it and all of your other fundamentals consistent with each rep will keep your gun recoiling in the same direction and the same amount each time.

Hope you enjoy this drill. You can modify it to your needs. If you want to conserve some ammo you can just work on a couple of the drills or cut the repetitions down of each drill. You can even just work on one or a couple of the drills that are your weakest links and develop those skills. Much of these drills can be accomplished dry-fire as well, with the exception of the cadence drill for many folks. If you have a double action hammer-fired semi-auto or a double action revolver, then you will be able to complete the cadence drill as a dry-fire drill.

Have a safe and great weekend!

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