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Drill: 2-2-2 Drill

Ken Hackathorn is a long time firearms trainer with law enforcement and military experience. His contributions to the firearms industry also includes being a founding member of both IDPA and USPSA competitive shooting sports.

Ken's 2-2-2 drill is low round count and is best done as a Benchmark drill at the beginning of your practice session. Bill recommends running this as a cold drill, meaning this drill gets no warm up prior to making the standards on demand.

The drill is simple and is only 6 rounds. At the buzzer, draw and fire 2 rounds with a 2 handed grip. Then transition to your primary hand only for 2 rounds. Finally transition to your support hand only* for the final 2 rounds.

The time standard for this drill is all tasks complete in 9 seconds. The accuracy standard is a 7-8 inch target. The reason I say 7-8 inch is that Ken cites his target as being 7 inches in diameter, but many steel targets are offered in 8 inch sizes.

*IMPORTANT: if you do not know how to SAFELY transition the firearm from strong to support hand, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LEARN WHILE MEETING A TIME STANDARD. Learn the smooth transition of the gun from one hand to the other with an empty gun or a Dummy gun (plastic replica). You can modify this drill to 2 shots with both hands and 4 shots strong hand only if you wish to perform it without the switch.

The drill can be found here:

As always, have fun and stay safe!

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