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Book Review: The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well by John Lovell

I recently finished reading The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well by John Lovell. It was just published this year and is just under 300 pages long. John Lovell served as an Army Ranger with multiple tours overseas. He started the training company, Warrior Poet Society and currently teaches pistol and rifle classes as well as other self preparedness classes.

In this book he questions, "where has the past male masculinity gone?" He also talks in the book of how to make more of your life and make it better for yourselves and others. He talks of how currently many men fall into a trap of watching adventures on tv instead of going out and experiencing adventure for ourselves. He also explains how just watching it on tv will not satisfy our urges. He gives many great examples such as people watching football on tv instead of playing it for themselves.

John also talks about how their is a time and place for battle and a time and place to be gentle. He gives examples of how it is good for your kids to wrestle with you because then they learn their strengths and capabilities and they also learn some of your skills when you use them on them. John also gave good examples of when he was unexpectedly humbled. He talks about how sizing people up is not a good trait to have and there are many skilled fighters that don't project their capabilities. He has a great quote in his book that talks about the history cycle from G Michael Hopf, "hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times."

He also talks of how it is a good idea in order to prevent ourselves from getting too soft to inoculate ourselves to hard times. As we expose ourselves to tough things, this makes us braver and tougher and better prepares us to face tough situations. He also recommends to do physical activity at least a couple times a week in order to fill our crave for adventure and battle.

I did enjoy the book and did get some valuable information out of it. I do recommend this book. It is filled with great quotes such as "all men dream but not all men dream equally" and "we could all be more than we are." It is a very motivating book and might point out some things that you haven't thought of yet and help affirm some of your thoughts.

Have a great and safe Weekend!

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