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Book Review: The Concealed Carry Manual: An in-depth study in discreetly carrying firearms by Jeff Gonzales

I recently read the book The Concealed Carry Manual: An in-depth study to discreetly carrying firearms written by Jeff Gonzales. Jeff Gonzales is a former Navy Seal and currently teaching under his training company, Trident Concepts.

Jeff published his book in November of 2021. The book is great for those just getting into concealed carry and even the more experienced will probably get some new information out of it. In the foreward some of his peers state some pretty eye opening facts. Larry Vickers talks about how there are somewhere between five and seven million new gun owners for the year 2020. Tom Givens references the criminal homicide rates going up quite drastically, FBI crime statistics for 2020 claim 30 percent increase criminal homicides over the year 2019. The report also claimed there were more justified homicides by private citizens than by law enforcement in 2020.

After this Jeff, explains his background of having to learn as he went to conceal carry because when he started doing it for his job overseas, it was still a pretty new idea. He starts off with a pretty strong quote, "They argue that firearms are unnecessary in such a civilized society. Are we really any more civilized than our ancestors?" In this book Jeff does a really good job of laying a road map that can either be adapted for 6 months or modified for a 12 month plan.

This starts with getting education and getting up to speed on what it is our responsibility to do as a concealed carrier and how to go about following the law in doing so. He covers many important topics such as safe storage, safety, use of force and how to go about buying your carry equipment. There is so much to do it can be overwhelming, his plan breaks it down into small chunks for acquiring equipment and completing tasks. I fully agree with his plan and the order in which to do the tasks. He talks about some of his past in the book so you can relate to him and see where he is coming from. He talks of the Second Amendment and the importance to know our Bill of Rights and Constitution. He also talks about what range trips should look like and the frequency that one should go. He also covers the levels of concealment and the purpose behind each one. This was a very good book and a pretty quick read. It was easy to read and lots of good information with no dry parts.

Have a Great and Safe Weekend!

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