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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Equipment: Dry Fire Par Timer App

The Dry Fire Par Time Tracker app is a very useful tool if you wish to engage in effective dry fire. It offers a par beeping system, which gives you a signal to start, and a signal to indicate a certain amount of time has elapsed. This is very effective if you want to increase your draw or reload speed. Take a little time to figure out at what time (2 sec, 1.6, 1.25) is a challenge to draw and fire one shot on a target (dry fire of course), and then work that time until it is consistent. Once it is an easy time to attain, make the par time shorter

The app allows for 5 different setups, so if you are working on raw draw to shot time, you can set one up for that. Simply put in the full time it takes to do the drill (from start buzzer to completion) then how many seconds it will take you to reset for another repetition. Finally, insert the number of repetitions you wish to perform and it will give you a total time it will take to complete the drill.

This app can be used for dry fire, which is its intention, but if you like, you can also take it out to the range and use it to confirm the dry fire drills you have been working on. This is not a shot timer, but it can certainly add value to your practice.

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