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  • Randy England

Equipment: CCI Quiet Semi-Auto

Recently, I went out practicing fundamentals with my Browning Buckmark with a suppressor. I found that CCI released a Quiet load meant to cycle most .22 semi-autos. How they accomplish this is they use a heavier 45 grain projectile and bump up the velocity from the usual 700 fps that is offered in their CCI Quiet-22 option that they have made for many years to 835 fps. I was hoping this stuff would cycle the action on my Browning pistol and sure enough, it ran flawlessly. It is not any more money than most other subsonic loads on the market, it runs about $5 per box. It is nice that it is also offered by the box so you don't need to commit to purchasing it by the brick until you find out if it works in your gun or not. If you have your pistol sighted in for high velocity ammunition, expect the point of impact to be a couple inches lower at 7 yards with this ammunition.

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