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  • Randy England

Equipment: Bravo Concealment Belt

Recently I have been trying out the 1.5" Cinturon Gun Belt from Bravo Concealment. The web belt seems to be well made. I have been wearing it every day for a little over two months and am not seeing any fraying occurring. The aluminum buckle has had all the sharp edges removed and is polished up well. This belt tensioner is steel and is heavily textured to keep it cinched down. I haven't had any experiences where it loosens up on its own throughout the day. The only thing that took some getting used to was loosening up the belt. Many times it gets so locked into place. In order to loosen the belt, you must pull on the tail of the belt one way and pull the belt buckle the other direction in order to relieve tension. With this trick I have not had any issues loosening the belt. I would much rather have this as a trade off than a belt that will loosen up on its own. The nice thing with the locking system is there are no specific belt holes, so you can loosen the belt throughout the day after a big lunch or you can retighten it down if you are wearing less equipment. This belt is the most rigid one that I have used so far and the webbing is thin enough that my mag carrier with 1.5" soft loops snap right over it with no issues. The belt buckle has a nice appearance and doesn't scream this is a gun belt to other people that might see it. Overall I am very pleased with this belt and its seems to be the best bang for your buck that I have found. It is a very rigid belt and so far does not give me reason to believe it might break down quickly.

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