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  • Randy England

Equipment: Blue Force Gear Pistol Mag Pouch

Recently, I have tried the Ten-Speed single pistol belt pouch from Blue Force Gear. It can be purchased in black, coyote, as well as a couple other designs. CZ 75 mags fit in fairly easy. Glock 17 mags fit, but just barely. Single-stack mags slide right in, but the mag carrier still retains the single-stack magazines well. They are pretty affordable at $22.95 each, yet functioned pretty well. It uses a velcro hook and loop system that wraps around the belt in order to secure the mag pouch. I was a little skeptical on how secure the mag pouch would hold but it held in place just fine. The mag carrier is an elastic pouch, so it will collapse flat after the magazine has been drawn. Two hands are needed to insert a new magazine. Again, for the price I do not see this as an issue and with the thin material, it does conceal easily.

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