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  • Randy England

Equipment: Pearce Extensions

The need for this came about after extended range sessions with my Glock 29. The grip frame is quite short. After 300-400 rounds, I started to notice blood blisters forming on my pinky. At first, I wasn't sure if it was due to getting my pinky caught between the magazine baseplate and the grip during reloads. This is quite common on short-gripped handguns. I started paying extra attention during mag changes and ensured I was keeping my pinky well out of the way. Then, I began to notice that while I can just barely fit my pinky halfway onto the short 29 grip frame and halfway onto baseplate, it was getting caught between the the two during recoil. Under recoil, the baseplate shifts to the grip frame and catches just enough skin in there to form the blood blisters. The Pearce pinky extensions offer enough real estate to give a solid grip onto the grip frame and magazine extension without protruding too far out to where the gun is printing through my shirt. Best of all no more blood blisters and I now have a more secure grip on my firearm.

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