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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Target Acquisition

This drill covers the fundamentals of shooting, including critical skills such as the draw, accuracy, reloads and of course, target acquisition.


2 IDPA/USPSA targets


7 Yards, 3 yards apart


Set up two 6 round magazines. At the repeat, reload and make a second attempt.

Draw and fire:

1) 2 body shots to target 1

2) Single head shot to target 2

3) Single head shot to target 1

4) 2 body shots to target 2

5) Repeat

The pattern should follow a figure eight going from the body of one target to the opposite head, back to the first head, then to the body of the second target.

This drill teaches pace and rhythm, while offering a challenge in accuracy when shooting the head box.

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