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  • Randy England

Equipment: Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

The walker razor electronic slim shooting muffs are built pretty well for the price. You can find them for around $55. They are offered in tiffany blue, pink, fde, black and there are even patriot editions with Velcro flags offered. When using the electronic hearing function I can hear everything with none of the broken up sounds and cut outs that happen with less expensive electronic muffs. Sound intensity is adjusted with a knob on one side and it gives an audible click when turning it to the off position, which is great so you don't them on and kill your batteries while they are in your range bag. The sound intensity knob is easy to manipulate even with thin gloves on. The batteries are easy to install and change. There is an external compartment that slides open. This made me very happy, some of the less expensive shooting muffs need to be taken apart in order to access the battery compartment. They are slim enough in fact to even be used when shooting rifles, no need to pack a couple sets of ear protection for yourself when hitting the range. They seem built well enough to last and I have no complaints yet.

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