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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Equipment: Streamlight TLR-7/TLR-8

Streamlight has been making weapon mounted lights for many years, and they are never a company to remain stagnant. Streamlight was one of the first companies to identify the need for a light that mounts directly to the firearm. This keeps both hands on the firearm versus one hand separated to operate a light. Their lights have always been rugged and powerful in the full size options, but their smaller flashlights have not been quite as impressive.

Enter the smaller, very capable TLR-7 and TLR-8.


Max Lumens: 500

Run Time: 1.50 hours

Beam Distance: 131 meters

Max Candela: 4,300

Battery Type: CR123A Lithium

Battery Quantity: 1

Length: 2.15 inches (5.46 centimeters)

Weight: 2.40 ounces (68.04 grams)

Colors: Black

The specs on this that make this unit interesting is the size. The physical size of the flashlight does not extend beyond the muzzle of a mid size Glock 19/23, and is no wider than the grip of the same gun. This makes for a sleek package for carry. The narrow width also limits the issues with hosters made for a weapon mounted light combo. Traditionally, there can be concern about having a wide gap around the trigger guard, which is needed to create the space to extract the mounted light. A great deal of space at the mouth of the holster can allow foreign objects to access the trigger. With the new sleek design, this risk is greatly reduced.

The output is very impressive as well. At 500 lumens, it has a great deal of penentration or "throw". The 4,300 candella gives a large amount of usable light for any needs, indoors or outside.

All in all, we now have a small, powerful option to attach to our daily carry or home defense handgun.

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