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PRACTICAL CARRY 2.2 (Cover and Movement)

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Cover and Movement

The second module of Practical Carry 2 is spent working on using cover and movement to dictate the course of a defensive encounter. Shooting on the move, working around non-threats and using cover to create an advantage are skills stressed in this course. Lateral movement, retreating and advancing movement are all taught in this course. This course is heavy on accountability, even while shooting on the move.

The attached classroom portion is an online primer to shooting while moving as well as shooting moving targets.

Duration: 5+ Hours

Ammo Requirements: 250 Rounds

Prerequisites: Practical Carry I, valid concealed weapons permit, or outside approved training course

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The State of Montana offers options of permit-less carry of firearms as well as a permit and enhanced permit that allow the permittee more out of state reciprocity as well as other benefits.

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