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PRACTICAL CARBINE 1 (Carbine Fundamentals)

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Practical Carbine is an introductory course for the AR-15 pattern rifle. This course is designed to develop skills and knowledge with the semi-automatic AR platform.

The classroom coursework covers the function, maintenance, and cleaning of the firearm. Also included is a introduction to accessories and the vetting process for such equipment. The live fire portion of the class teaches practical skills including shooting positions, offset, and proper setup of optics and zero.

Duration: 5 Hours, 1 Day

Ammo Requirements: 100 rounds

Prerequisites: None

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The State of Montana offers options of permit-less carry of firearms as well as a permit and enhanced permit that allow the permittee more out of state reciprocity as well as other benefits.

Need Equipment?

If you are in need of something to complete a course, just let us know how we can help!

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