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Podcast Review: P&S Modcast 316, Selection and Upkeep of Defensive Handguns

Primary and Secondary podcasts are often times very in depth, and very informative. Matt Landfair, the host, constantly brings on guests with high levels of expertise in the specific topic. Thos topic is about choice of Firearms and how to keep them running properly.

This podcast was particularly informative because often people will just say, you should buy this because it is reliable. Riley, Bryan and Matt go over specific criteria to choose your firearm, rather than blanket recommendations.

The maintenence portion of the show includes general cleaning and lubrication, but also goes into what can be done in a preventative replacement of wear parts as well. Long term maintenence means that springs and other parts may need to be replaced regularly.

With the addition of weapon mounted extras (lights, red dots), we also need to think about care and maintenence of these items as well.

This podcast can help you think about what kind of knowledge and equipment you need to keep you guns in operational status.

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