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Podcast Review: On Duty, Off Duty Ep 88 "What you should know about OC"

The On Duty, Off Duty podcast is a podcast oriented toward law enforcement and armed citizens. It's host, Bryan Eastridge, likes to bring a law enforcement and concealed carrier perspective to his audience. This week's podcast was with Chuck Haggard, Kansas law enforcement officer and owner of Agile Training and Consulting.

Haggard is a well measure instructor that takes into account the mission of the armed citizen along with his police mission. His experience with OC spray is deep and long, dating back to the days of old Mace, a low strength spray that is today much improved.

Haggards recommendations even cover spray type such as stream vs spray vs fog vs foam vs gel. His recommendations include finding an effective SHU (Scoville heat units) rating as well. But the biggest part of listening to Chuck Haggard is understanding the use of spray as a legal defense and as a useful tool in ambiguous situations. Pepper spray is much easier to apologize for than bullets, Chuck says. The fact that you have a choice when things are not to the deadly force threshold can be invaluable.

Listen and enjoy!

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