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Medical Training and Gear

When we consider the risks and dangers we can face as a citizen, we must remember that the firearm is for only the most dire of circumstances. It fits into a very narrow set of circumstances that dictates deadly force. Therefore, while the stakes are quite high for a lethal encounter, the likelihood is rather low.

Next, consider a need for medical equipment and knowledge. Have you ever seen an accident occur? Have you ever seen someone cut themselves? Injure themselves while recreating? Given that this is more likely, why do we not consider it a priority?

We need to start looking at medical training as part of the necessary training of a holistic defender. It is a must. If you had medical training at the Boston marathon bombing, it would have saved more lives than a gun. With this in mind, the Stop the Bleed program was started. It offers basic training on how to use tourniquets and packing gauze to save a life in a trauma situation.

Trauma is not the only thing for which we need to prepare. Medical emergencies occur regularly and CPR and first aid can greatly affect how long a person lives. Make sure that you have all the live saving knowledge that you can acquire. Integrate the equipment in to your daily carry and you can make yourself an even more capable person.

Note on Equipment:

There are counterfeit tourniquets out there! Purchase tourniquets from vendors that deal directly with the companies that make them. Counterfeit tourniquets do not perform as well as the proper ones, and this is a big deal when the point is to keep blood in the body!

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