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Drill: Visual Reset Drill

Lynn Givens of Rangemaster training has come up with a great dry fire drill to familiarize yourself with your trigger more thoroughly. It is called the visual reset drill and will give you a better understanding of what is happening when you press the trigger.

Most people understand what happens when they press the trigger, but often they do not have an idea of what is actually happening with their hand when they do. This drill is to simply watch what is happening when you do a slow, deliberate trigger press.

As always ensure that your firearm is empty and there is no ammunition in the room. This is very important. DO NOT BEGIN THIS DRILL PRIOR TO ENSURING THAT YOUR FIREARM IS EMPTY AND THERE IS NO AMMO IN THE ROOM.

1) Rotate the firearm with your palm up, oriented so you can see the trigger.

2) Place the trigger finger on the trigger and slowly press the trigger to the "wall" or firm part of the press. Mentally note the position of the trigger, as well as how far it has traveled.

3) Slowly continue through the wall until the trigger breaks and the gun clicks. Again, note the position of the trigger after it breaks.

4) While still holding the trigger to the rear, cycle the slide. You may Rotate your hand for this, but do not release the trigger. This will reset the trigger.

5) Return your hand to palm up and slowly release the trigger until you hear the trigger reset. Mentally note where the trigger is positioned at reset.

6) Repeat this process until you can mentally picture where the trigger is throughout the entire process. Then repeat the process with your support hand.

55 Bonus: you can focus on the feel rather than the visual if you do this drill again with your eyes closed. Focus on taking a mental note of what you feel rather than see.

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