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Drill: Saving Ammo

This week, we have more of a suggestion rather than a drill. As ammunition shortages continue, we may need to be frugal with our supply. But how do we get effective training with limited rounds?

Dry Fire: This is the way.

Dry fire us a great way to keep your simple skills sharp without the use of ammunition. Many people think that this means simply dry firing in the garage or doing simple drills, but it can also be added to your normal shooting routine. It is much like adding a visualization technique to your practice. Simply do a few (3-5) repetitions of dry fire before you perform the drill live. So if you are doing transition drills from one target to another, do a few dry repetitions first, focusing on the movement and timing. Then confirm your practice with live fire. This gives you repetitions without having to send dollars downrange each press of the trigger.

Be safe and have fun!

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