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Book Review: When Violence is the Answer by Tim Larkin

This year I read, When Violence is the Answer written by Tim Larkin. This book was published September of 2017 and is a little over 300 pages long. Ever since Tim was a kid, he wanted to become a Navy Seal and researched everything he could find about it. When he became old enough, he joined and completed Hell Week. He was physically fit and was doing the best in his class. Two weeks before graduation, he got a sinus cold but participated in the demolition dive anyways. When an underwater wave smacked the side of his head, it caused his eardrum to burst and start bleeding. He got vertigo and lost his balance and sense of direction he was able to pull himself up the rope and get back on the boat. This ended his career as a Navy Seal. After healing, Tim spent the rest of his Navy career in Special Operations Intelligence until 1991.

In his book ,Tim emphasizes a few times throughout the book, "In a civilized society, violence is rarely the answer. But when it is, it's the only answer." Tim talks about how society now focuses on not using violence at all and people now see training for fights as only for warriors. Tim also says that about 70 percent of the students that take his classes only do so after they have experienced an act of violence. Tim states that we have insurance for basically everything in our lives to prepare for the disasters that may occur but do not think to prepare ourselves to be able to defend ourselves from acts of violence until after the fact. He also says that we do not get to pick when we experience violence, everyone has an equal opportunity to experience it.

From Tim's experience of bursting his eardrum even with being in really good physical condition showed him that everyone and everything has a weakness that you can exploit to defend yourself. You just have to find that weakness. He learned that no matter a person's strength or body size, we all have consistent weak points of our body that can be exploited to disable us. In his book he talks of learning this points so that you can use them to protect yourself. He also states the only way to stop a violent attack is with violence. The body follows the mind. If you can shut down your opponent's mind by inflicting a debilitating injury then this will destroy any strength, size or speed advantages that your attacker may have because it will shut down their mind. When he teaches students, he doesn't just teach them a few techniques because that would only prepare them for a few scenarios. Instead, he teaches principles so that they can make their own decisions during the fight. He compares this to the saying, "if you give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish and he will eat for life."

When Tim left the Navy he began helping a buddy that served in the Navy with him to teach civilian sector for large corporate clients. He only planned to do this for about 6 months until he got another job. Instead he ended up working with his buddy for about 10 years training clients. He has a lot of good information in the book. It was a very interesting read. He had a few different examples of real world scenarios that his students experienced and Tim used them to further stress some of his points in the book. I think this book is very worth while to read in order to get you into a defensive mindset. Also, to help in educating yourself to be able to find and exploit weaknesses of your potential attackers with debilitating injury to disrupt their mind and help you get out and survive the attack.

Enjoy the nice weather this Weekend and have a great and safe Weekend!

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