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Book Review: Perfectly Wounded by Mike Day and Robert Vera

I recently finished the book Perfectly Wounded by Mike Day and Robert Vera. Mike Day is a former Navy Seal that served on Seal Team 3 and Seal Team 4. This was a very interesting book and is very motivational. Particularly the part of the book where he describes his most famous extraordinary fight to survive and his will to survive and keep fighting to the end despite his life threatening injuries.

Mike starts the book off by describing his time in the Seals and describes to the readers what the deployments looked like. He even talked of some humorous parts such as when he did not get a mission approved because the font was wrong in his mission write up request.

A big focus in his book was a mission during his 2017 deployment in Iraq where his team was to kill or capture an Al Queda leader that was responsible for shooting down four U.S. medevac helicopters and possibly in possession of captured radios and night vision equipment. When his team arrived to the target, Mike was the first one to enter one of the rooms. This was done at night with night vision. As Mike entered the room he started receiving machine gun fire from four men. His description of getting shot is similar to other accounts of military and law enforcement personnel describing it as getting hit by a sledgehammer. This was his first time ever being shot. He then described his response as immediately being enraged. During this battle, his carbine was shot out of his hands. Mike had to transition to his pistol and his pistol was the tool that helped him win the fight along with his motivation to not give up and to fight to the end. At one point Mike lost consciousness from a grenade and he lost a lot of blood during the exchange of gunfire but was still able to fight on as he regained consciousness. This is an extremely abbreviated version of his story but I don’t want to ruin the details for those that are going to read the book or listen to the audiobook. In this story Mike goes into great detail describing exactly how his pistol performed, even with what happened to it. He also goes into great detail describing the events and what happened to him and to his attackers.

Mike finishes the book by describing his long journey in recovery and what he childhood was like that led him on his path to join the Navy Seals. I like that he includes this in his book so that it gives his audience the real experience of what to expect after surviving being shot. I would definitely recommend either reading this or listening to the audiobook. It is great motivation for continuing your training and it shows what the human body is capable of if the person is willing.

Have a safe and great Memorial Day Weekend!

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