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Book Review: G-Man by Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter is a fiction and non fiction writer that is fond of developing characters with military and law enforcement backgrounds. His most famous character Bob Lee Swagger, is the subject of many of his books, as well as films and even an Amazon TV series.

What sets him apart from other authors is his ability to accurately portray the skills, techniques and tactics if the day in which the story is set. While the modernized character portrayed in TV and movies is a veteran of the War on Terror, the book character is a Vietnam War veteran. When doing research for his books, Hunter is fastidious about detain and accuracy of not only tactics, techniques and skills, but also geography and era authentic equipment. 

This story follows a history search done by Bob Lee Swagger into his grandfather. The parallel story tells of Charles Swaggers battle with 1920s era gangsters such as Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Neslon and others. The firearms, tactics and action scenes are well written. It is a good look into historical fiction, and the characters are extremely vibrant. 

I have to recommend this book along with the rest of my current stack of Stephen Hunter novels.

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