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Book: FBI Miami Firefight by Ed Mireles

Edmundo Mireles was an FBI agent that began his career in 1979. His participation in the famous 1986 FBI shootout in Miami, Florida is his claim to fame, and the reason for his book.

Ed takes a look at how the team found and stopped the violent bank robbers, and how the fight unfolded. His wife writes her part of the story from her perspective as a fellow agent gearing her husband had been wounded.

Ed outlines how the team was staked out at various banks, spotted the stolen vehicle they suspected the robbers of using, and initiated a stop in as safe a location as possible. He then writes on the full gunfight, including diagrams and crime scene photos, and tells of how he went from using a shotgun to his handgun, as well as the devastating wound to his arm. Finally, the fight was finished when the suspects were killed in the FBI car in which they were trying to escape.

Ed and Elizabeth's story of the aftermath is also a harrowing tale, showing us the cost of gunfights. Eds wounds make him somewhat helpless to care for himself, and it put strain on the marriage. His work through the dark days of survivors guilt and PTSD is a reminder that the mind can be affected even more than the body at times.

This book is worth the read, and is probably the most detailed work on the historical shootout.

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