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Audio Review: Green Ops Podcast, How to STOP a SCHOOL SHOOTER with Ed Monk

In this episode of the Green Ops Podcast, Ed Monk joins the pidcast to talk about how school shootings break down and how to stop them early. 

Ed Monk owns Last Resort Firearms Training, and specializes in active shooter response. Specifically, his area of expertise revolves around the planning and skills acquisition stage. I have attended his active shooter training before and his information is not only enlightening, it is nearly irrefutable. Monk is big on numbers, percentages and what STATISTICALLY, works to stop the threat. 

Monk advocates for a fight, flee, barricade plan. Hos plan differs from others in that the fight portion is placed first on the list, and takes highest priority. When we are actually at a position to fight, the other two options should not be considered a viable option. He even advocates teaching the students that "on this special day" there will be no repercussions for the fighting, chaos and damage to property that may ensue if you are saving lives. 

This episode is well worth the listen, and any other content that Ed Monk puts out is incredibly valuable. 

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