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Audio Review: Ballistic Radio, Fun-Free Zones S7E317

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

This episode of Ballistic Radio features Melody Lauer along the host John Johnston. They talk about how in the firearms industry has taken a hard focus on realistic training and difficult tasks, but we forget about how much fun we can have shooting.

Melody and John both have experience teaching a great many people on specific tactics related to family defense, but they agree that courses need to have a component of just fun. I think that we all forget about this from time to time. Taking out a whimsical target, or betting lunch on who can make the longest shot can go a long way toward making the sport a good time.

There is a time and a place for hard work and practicing difficult skills, but sometimes we need to remember just how enjoyable it is to go to the range.

Some fun targets can be found at Action Target.

The episode can be heard HERE.

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