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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

The Suck List


Make an actual list of the things you need to work on in your shooting. Prioritize and practice to a new standard time or accuracy standard.


Since the New Year just started, I challenge everyone to make a list of their deficiencies. This is the list of all of the things on which you need work. For instance, if you are not great at single hand shooting, put it on the list. The same goes for shooting on the move, shooting off the draw, running malfunctions or reloading.

Make a list of 5 things you wish to improve. Prioritize them first by the likelihood that they may occur. Then prioritize by how poor you are at those skills. The worse you are, the higher on the list it goes. The most likely skills top the list.

Then develop a plan of attack. Don't neglect your other skills, but put these at the forefront. Devote at least half of your training time or ammo toward these skills, until you feel confident in that skill. Then work on the next one.

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