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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Book Review: What EveryBODY is Saying by Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro is a retired FBI agent who has been responsible for multiple interrogations/interviews. He is an expert on body language and how it relates to truth and deception. He is credited for catching the ice pick killer, master spies and numerous other criminals with his ability to read deception during an interview. This book explores body language and how it can be interpreted to show you the true intentions and thoughts of the people around you.

This book is very interesting from both a self defense standpoint and from just a living context. I found the book to be enlightening, specifically when the author points out that there are no single action that means deception or truth, but taken as clusters, you can see what somebody is actually saying. This is incredibly helpful in day to day life. You can see if something you said just made someone uncomfortable, or if you put them on guard. This is NOT a pre-assault indicators book, but it can help you see peoples concealed intentions before they show them.

This book should be read by those that work with the public, self defenders, sales people and business leaders, simply because it offers value in your day to to day communications.

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