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  • Randy England

Drill: Ben Stoeger Transition Drill

This drill is borrowed from USPSA shooter, Ben Stoeger. The shooter starts with three IPSC targets. These targets will be placed shoulder to shoulder, ensure they are touching. Working from left to right, or right to left, time yourself placing two shots on each of these targets, six shots total, to get an idea of your par time. Once you have a par time decided, set your shot timer to this time. Shoot a few repetitions with the shoulders touching. Then, start to space the IPSC targets out laterally a little at a time and complete a few more repetitions while still completing the drill using your same par time. You will notice as you begin to space the IPSC targets farther and farther apart it gets harder to meet your par time. Once you have gotten to the point of not being able to meet the par time after a few attempts, go ahead and stop yourself. This drill is meant to find your breaking point and help you speed up your transitions. If you do not realize your breaking point though, you may form some bad habits in order to complete the drill within your par time. This would move your training backwards because then you would have to try to unlearn those bad habits. With this ensure you find your breaking point and stop when you reach it.

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