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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Audio Review: Ballistic Radio - The Lion and the Wolf (S6 E263)

Ballistic Radio is a well produced firearms and defense related radio show and podcast hosted by John Johnston and Melody Lauer. The guests that they invite all have unique perspectives on self defense and firearms, as well as training and competition.

In this episode, Tim Chandler relates his knowledge in the realm of home defense. His training, research and experience have led him to favor the shotgun as a primary home defense tool. His coursework is thus centered around using the shotgun.

Chandler is also very aware of the dangers associated with everyday life as well. His statement, "Who is around you, and what are they capable of?" makes the point that we cannot be sure that the people around us are kind and considerate. They may very well mean us harm. Be advised, this episode has a true story of a home invasion with VIOLENT CONTENT.

You can find the episode HERE.

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