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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Audio Review: Practically Tactical - Concealed Carry and Guns in the Home

Joe Weyer is a former special operations soldier, police officer with SWAT qualifications, and has trained hundreds of people as a firearms instructor at the Alliance Police Training facility. Even with these experiences, He has devoted himself to understanding the needs of the armed citizen. Given his experiences, he is someone to pay attention to when speaking about the safety and concealed carry needs.

In this episode of Practically Tactical, Joe talks about how to be safe with our firearms both inside and outside the home. He specifically addresses the needs of parents and how often we place the responsibility of firearms safety on the child rather than properly securing our firearms. Joe states that when we say that "my child knows better" we are saying that a young child has the mindset of an adult when it comes to this single subject. He further shared his experiences as a police officer when responding to firearms injuries involving children. He stated that in every instance in which he had responded to these child tragedies, the parents had been at the home.

This episode is very enlightening and will cover good information for those that have children in their home, even intermittently.

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