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Book Review: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, Michael Seeklander

Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, Michael Seeklander

Your Defensive Handgun Training Program was published October of 2012. Michael Seeklander is classified as Grandmaster by the United States Practical Shooting Association Master by the International Defensive Pistol Association. He has been Director of Training at the U.S. Shooting Academy. He was the lead instructor at the Federal Air Marshal firearms division and was credentialed as a Federal Air Marshal. Seeklander is a combat veteran for the Marines during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Michael Seeklander went on to start his own training company, Shooting-Performance. He wanted this book to be a training program to follow as other defensive handgun books haven’t covered this aspect. He also walks the reader through writing and modifying their own training program. He emphasizes the importance of using a logbook in order to measure their skills and record deficiencies and how to correct them. Seeklander explains the advantage of training one’s shooting skills into their subconscious mind, leaving more room for the conscious mind to troubleshoot the situation. Many repetitions of each skill are needed to accomplish this, but repetitions must be executed properly. It takes twice as much time and effort to unlearn an incorrect skill. He goes on to compare the subconscious mind to an infant, in that it doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong , its actions are purely automated. Taking the time to visualize the motions being performed correctly in their mind before each repetition expedites the unlearning process.

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