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Book Review: Low Light Combatives

Low Light Combatives was published April of 2013. Edward Santos is a retired Army Officer. Santos was certified as a Master Level Military Instructor. He has been level one reserve deputy in North Idaho for over 12 years. He is co-owner, along with his wife Peggy, of Center Target Sports shooting range and firearms store in Post Falls, Idaho. Santos is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and has graduated the Sure-Fire Institute and First Light Training Academy. He holds certifications as Low Light Firearms Instructor. He is also certified by the CDT Non-Deadly Force Training Commission in the use of Non-Deadly Force Techniques.

In this book, Santos starts by explaining the three levels of light intensity for the human eye. He then goes into detail about specific parts of the human eye and how each one functions. He suggests carrying flashlights even during daylight hours because the time of day does not dictate how much light will be available. The environment is actually what dictates how much light is present, for example a basement with no lights turned on probably has very little light. He then explains the different parts of a flashlight

and how they help in the performance of the light in order to guide the reader to make a well informed decision on the light that they will purchase and carry. Santos lists some lights in which he has had good experiences with. He lists the pros and cons of weapons mounted lights in order to help the reader come to the decision of whether to use them or not. Santos covers many handheld flashlight techniques and suggests picking three and becoming very proficient with them. He suggests some range SOP’s to utilize when administering low light classes. He touches on the pros and cons to weapons mounted lasers and techniques in using them. He finishes with experiences reported from law enforcement personnel which occurred in low light situations.

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