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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Book Review: Gunfight, Richard Nance

Richard Nance has used his experience as a law enforcement officer an a martial arts practitioner to develop and compile a great deal of information on how to effectively defend yourself when at contact distance.

Nance covers safety, legal considerations, and striking as well as disarming an attacker and defending your own firearm. While the striking chapter was quite interesting, his later chapter, "Striking With Your Gun" gives a unique perspective to defending yourself with your firearm. Some of the chapters dealt strictly with hand to hand techniques, and some with shooting techniques. The shooting chapters dealt with how to fire during the course of the draw, ready positions, and how to keep the gun running when it malfunctions. Perhaps the most powerful chapter is "Chapter 4: Mindset". In this chapter, Nance shows the importance of willingness to fight, and how to develop the mentality to fight under adverse conditions.

Gunfight is an extremely worthwhile read, and is very eye opening when trying to understand violence.

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