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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Book Review: Combat Shooting, Massad Ayoob

In Combat Shooting, Massad Ayoob writes about proper carry methods, legal tripwires, and proper techniques to improve your shooting ability.

Chapter 1 addresses a number of Ayoob Files (real events that are broken down) and gives you information on how the court cases can go, how to effectively employ your handgun, and some of the potential aftermath.

The second chapter focuses on tactics such as use of cover, alternative tools to the firearm and even how to integrate or use the firearm as a true martial art.

Later in the book, we hear lessons from true gunfighters. These lessons come directly or second hand from men who have been in multiple firearm engagements.

Finally the chapter on Choices really gives the reader some parting thoughts on what sort of equipment and training you should pursue. It gives the reader alternative techniques and gear selection choices for consideration.

Good book with a lot of detail!

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