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Using the Carry Gun as the Home Defense Gun

We are more familiar with our carry guns because they are the ones that are always attached to us. We dry-fire train with them, complete live-fire drills with them, and attend classes with them. Generally, we don't get as much practice in with our guns that are used for home defense. They see the occasional range session and rarely are used for dry-fire training. Well, why can't our home defense guns also become our carry guns?

With holster technology today, we are better able to find holsters that conceal our larger home defense style firearms and that will even accommodate the weapon lights that many of us put on our home defense gun. In the past, if we were going to use our carry gun as the home defense gun, many of us would take the gun from the holster, attach the weapon light and store it ready for use in the home somewhere. Well, when our gun doesn't fit in the holster with the weapon light on it, that means when we do our dry-fire reps or practice at the range we are not getting practice in with manipulating the light. If we aren't using our light at the range, that also means it hasn't been tested to see if it will survive the recoil of the firearm it is attached to. This also means our light won't be coming along with us to the classes we attend to learn new skills and test our equipment to make sure it is working as we envisioned it to.

There are so many holster manufacturers making good holsters now to accommodate those lights such as T.REX ARMS, PHLSTER, Henry Holsters, JM Custom Kydex, Tier 1 Concealed, etc. Also, weapon light manufacturers are making more ergonomic and more carry friendly lights. Some are making lights that will even attach to the smallest carry guns. Not long ago Surefire announced the XSC Weaponlight to fit on subcompact guns and still puts out 350 lumens. Streamlight is making the TLR-7A and TRL-8A that fit nicely on compact and full-sized guns that put out 500 lumens.

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