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Refining Appendix Carry

Appendix carry is not for everyone, but if you adopt it, understand that you can tweak the position and angles for your body.

The term "appendix carry" is really just descriptive of a "forward of the hips" carry. The nice part about thinking of it this way, is that it gives you permission to move the gun to wherever works for your body type. I have seen people carry exactly at the 12 o'clock midline, out to about 2:30 (right hand shooter) near the hip. I have even seen a few people who's body type makes an 11 o'clock carry position viable.

The holster can dictate where you can carry the gun, however. It is best to buy a holster designed for appendix carry with 2 features: adjustable angle (cant) and adjustable ride height.

Adjustable cant can truly be the difference in comfort and pain. Being able to rotate the holster just a few degrees can create a position that works with your body. Some people like a straight drop, where the slide is exactly perpendicular to the belt, while others like a little positive cant like a behind the hip holster might have (though usually at a lesser angle). I have found that I like to have my holster at a negative cant in which the butt of the gun comes closer to the belt. This creates a bigger need for the second holster criteria.

The second feature that I consider mandatory is adjustable ride height. I have had enough appendix holsters that sit so close to the belt that I cannot get my hand between the belt and the grip for a draw. Alternately, I have had some that bring the gun up so high, that the holster (and gun) want to flip over the belt because there is not enough holster held inside the pants to support it. (See "keel effect" by Phlster on YouTube). So I have cone to appreciate a longer holster with adjustable ride height.

Both of these feature work to make an appendix holster comfortable for the user, regardless of body type and size. Don't be afraid to play with it. Adjustments are meant to be used and fine tuned for YOU.

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