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Range Networking

Today, we are going to talk about networking and how to organize safe and productive shooting sessions with friends or strangers.

Some people have recently expressed an interest in networking with other folks that are interested in training.

If you meet up to shoot together, remember:

1) Have a medical/emergency plan. Do not take it for granted that everyone has medical experience or equipment. Ask what everyone's medical skills are, and establish primary and secondary care givers. Check phones to ensure signal. Remember that you need to tell 911 that you have had a training accident not that there has been a shooting (a shooting gets a police response first, medical second)

2) Have people observing safety. Make sure that there is someone (that is not shooting) that is watching for safety violations that occur on the firing line. Everyone can call a cease fire, but make sure that someone has the DUTY to do so if it becomes necessary. Remember the 4 safety rules and enforce them.

3) Establish a firing line. Do not let people who are not on the line handle firearms. On any range, you need to establish the place where firearms are handled. If anyone is behind this line, they CANNOT handle firearms. Having a gun drawn behind the line is disconcerting and dangerous.

4) Don't push people beyond their ability to be safe. If someone is uncomfortable with a drill and they are showing themselves to be unsafe in the dry fire phase, DON'T LET THEM DO THE DRILL. Its OK to sit one out if you are uncomfortable. Its mandatory to sit one out if you are unsafe.

5) Have fun! Have everyone bring their favorite drill so you can experience more and have a good time.

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