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Post-Class Self Assessment

After we take a firearms training class, often we take a mental inventory of what we learned and what we need to add to our training schedule. This is a wonderful thing, because the information is introduced at the class, but it is ingrained in the subsequent training. All the information you took in during class is only temporary until you make it permanent with practice.

So what should we be asking? What questions will keep us properly oriented?

Start with these:

What did you learn about yourself?

What did you learn about your gear?

What are you going to change in your training?

What you learned about yourself is probably the most important thing to take away from a class. Did you find that you were better at some things than others? Where do you need work? Be honest and keep those deficiencies in mind when you do your next range session.

How your gear performed is also a piece of info that is useful in keeping your skills where they need to be. Equipment can help or hinder our capabilites in certain areas. For instance, I replaced all of my base layer shirts with spandex after having a number of hang ups in a class recently. Maybe you find out that your sights don't work well while using a flashlight, or that your magazine pouch is at an angle that simply is not proper for your needs. Find gear deficiencies and fix them.

Finally, write down what you are going to work on in your training. Keep a log. Make a goal. You have to write down what you want to work on so you remember. Create a plan to work your newly acquired skills, and make sure to emphasize the ones that need extra attention.

After a class, make sure you are getting everything you can out of the class. The skills need to be reinforced, and that is something you can control.

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