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Podcast Review: Off Duty/On Duty episode 93, unconventional carry positions

On this episode of the Off Duty/On Duty Podcast, Brian Eastridge is joined by Hany Mahmoud to talk about non standard holster options. By this, they mean options that are NOT strong side or appendix carry.

The podcast starts with shoulder holsters. They give a history of styles and makers to include what they like and do not about the shoulder holster. They also touch on how the holster should be built to accommodate a 1911, and how many makers don't make them for their preferences.

Next the two officers cover ankle carry and why it went from a very valid backup technique to less desirable. The gear and equipment worn has changed from dress shoes and shirts to boots and external carriers. This limited the ankle option for concealment while simultaneously offering an option closer to the hands.

Finally, they cover some off body carry options, such as bags and fanny packs. Their takeaways are very helpful and they try to keep the topic grounded in why you would consider it as an option, even though it may be less than ideal for quick access.

Note: check out the podcast at 44:40 to hear about the holster you had to access through your unzipped pants... it's worth the listen.

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