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Outdoor Defense


Living in the northwest, it is prudent to be prepared when in the outdoors. Not only is there a threat from people that might take advantage of the fact that you are far away from a law enforcement response, but there are large animals that can also be a threat. With these issues to deal with, what does our defensive firearm and ammunition look like?

Equipment Selection:

When selecting gear to deal with both of these issues, we need to think about what is effective for both. High grade defensive ammunition is great for the two legged types, but larger animals, such as bear or moose, are less likely to be effected by this ammo. The reason is the lack of overall penetration compared to their size. Simply, a defensive hollow point may not penetrate deep enough into a bear to hit something that will make it stop. This deficiency is countered with a more powerfully loaded cartridge, as well as a solid bullet that will not deform. This ammunition is available from Buffalo Bore, Corbon and Underwood ammo.

If bear and moose are not part of the dangers in your area, then a standard anti-personnel load is probably the best option for animals like wolves and mountain lions. In these cases, we are looking at body dimensions very similar to the loads intended use.

Remember that being aware is ALWAYS your first line of defense. Stay safe when you are in the wild!

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