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Modifying your Equipment

Over the years, we have seen more and more options available for our defensive equipment, from trigger and slide modifications to colors and motivational parts. We truly are living in the Burger King "have it your way" time.

Some of these items are wonderfully useful and others are not even generally advisable. In a world where you can truly make a firearm "yours" how do you pick the parts?

My criteria is a step by step process. First, I define whether the part is a want or a need. Can training overcome the deficiency rather than adding the part? How much training and how much will said training cost (ammo requirements, time, etc)?

After this, I ask myself if it is the best part to accomplish that task. Is there something better or less expensive, that can also accomplish the task?

Finally, I can veto my previous yse votes simply by looking through the lens of how the addition will be viewed in court. Some items can add to your capabilities and be articulated as a part added to increase your capability or responsibility, but others may only serve the appearance that you are looking for a fight. (look up Philip Brailsford)

Understand why you are doing the thing you are doing. Make sure it is a reflection of who you are and what you want people to think of you. Especially 12 randomly selected people.

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