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Ladies Resources

Often times we get questions from ladies about who they should look to for women specific issues. Currently, we cannot personally help you with such issues since neither Randy or myself (Ian) have never been a woman.

We have found that some resources are better than others though, and most of this is based on how dedicated these women are to thir craft and finding solutions for others. These instructors are great for women, but men can definitely benefit from their instruction as well.

The first woman on our list is Melody Lauer. Her concealed carry take is from the standpoint of a short(er) petite woman and she still carries a mid size gun regularly. Her information can be found at Citizens Defense Research or Limatunes on Facebook. She can also be found at

Our next resource is Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat. Kathy write a book with the same title as her blog, The Cornered Cat. Her insights are geared toward everyday people and how ladies might benefit from being their own defender. Her blog and book can be found at and respectively.

Annette Evans is a competitor and a concealed carry advocate. Her work includes using experimental and maybe substandard options that are "made for women". Her view is that while women do have some concerns specifically related to their gender, often it spawns some products that are not very well designed. Just because it is pink or is "designed by a woman" doesn't mean it is good quality. Annette can be found at bother Beauty Behind the Blast and On Her Own on Facebook.

Finally, we have Sarah and Tessah from Phlster. They started from different points, but have both come to the realization that often ladies issues are simply everyone's concealed carry issues. Sarah has said that you may have more in common with a man than a woman when it comes to concealment, as body type is more critical than gender. Tessah has migrated over from the fashion world, and has a unique view on how women can use fashion to their advantage. They are both very active in the Phlster Concealment Workshop on Facebook and Tessah can also be found at Armed and Styled at

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