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Equipment Review: Phlster Enigma Chassis

Phlster is a company that does a combination of time tested designs and new experimental equipment. I am always excited to see what they will come out with next.

There have been some products that do not work well for me. The Flex, a soft attachment point for the holster to give you a mounting surface for magazines, medical, etc, was far too constricting in the wrong area to be useful for me. Their magazine pouch seems to he solid, though I do not care for the length, preferring a longer extension on the bottom of the pouch.

That being said, I love their Pro holster, their tourniquet Flatpack and, most recently, their Enigma. The Enigma is not a holster, and you will have to provide an appendix holster with which to use the piece. It is a belly band with less problems, or a system that gives you a more comfortable belt to support your holster and firearm. The rigid plate can be configured to pull in the top, bottom and heel or slide deeper into the body, or a combination of all these. It offers concealment for carrier that extends to tucked in with dress clothes, scrubs, shorts or even pajamas, because it does not need a pants belt to be used.

I first saw this in the wild at a class with Citizens Defense Research. It was worn by an active duty army soldier who chose to wear athletic shorts to the class (it was hot so we can forgive him). But despite his clothing, his access and use was not at all hampered by the rig, as it still gave him a proper holster with proper access.

If you get a chance, take a look. It might solve some problems with concealed carry.

Check it out HERE:

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