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Equipment: Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge

The Mantis Laser training system, Pink Rhino, is a fantastic training aid. Dry fire can be engaging, but often, we end up getting bored with it. The Pink Rhino keeps your attention by giving feedback on target with a directed laser that is activated by the firing pin of your actual carry gun.

It works like this: simply place the training cartridge in your chamber and start dry firing! The laser is projected on your target and shows where your bullet would have struck. The momentary laser is useful, because it shows the exact moment at which you pressed the trigger and successfully simulates the shot.

Here is the better part: you can use it on any target, AND you can use it with shot tracking software offered by Mantis and other companies! You download the software and then start using the laser. The software uses the camera in your phone to track the hits on target, then translates it to a digital image. So you can take multiple shots, then review them later!

This tool, at around $50 or less, is a wonderful way to enhance your skills without going out to the range.

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