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Equipment: Mantix X10

The Mantis X10 system is a dry and live fire training tool designed to improve your consistency with the gun. The product itself is a rail mounted motion sensor that connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Sounds somewhat unimpressive? Agreed. But when you take a look at the breakdown of info it gives you, it all comes together. The Mantis Benchmark drill us simply a 10 shot slow fire for score. Seems like a boring drill. Until it starts grading the consistency in your trigger press. What did you do wrong that time? Well, Mantis has the answer. Maybe you were gripping the gun at the last second before ignition, causing the gun to be pulled downward. Maybe you had inconsistent support hand pressure and you pushed the gun to the support side. It is all tracked and displayed.

How about your draw? How fast are you? Well, enter the Mantis X10 holster analysis feature. Not only does it give you a time from the start signal to the first shot, but it will also break down how long it took you to get your hand on the gun, how long it took to move the gun from vertical to horizontal, and how long it took to extend and stabilize. Now you know WHAT PART of the draw needs to be worked.

There are a bunch of features, games and groups that keep the Mantis engaging and fun! At a price of about $250, it is not cheap, but it has become a constant companion for all my dry and live fire.

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