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Equipment: Magpul MBUS Pro Sights

A couple years ago, I installed a set of Magpul MBUS Pro sights onto my short barreled rifle in order to keep my rifle light and to have a reliable sighting device. My criteria for my choice was that I wanted something robust, minimal wobble when deployed and U.S. made. The MBUS Pro sights are steel and have a nice melonite finish on them. The finish has yet to scratch even to this day. I wanted the sets of sights to have minimal wobble in them when deployed, but still wanted them to be able to fold down in case I decide to mount a red dot on the rifle later on down the road. While the sights don't lock in the up position, they do have a decently strong detent and spring that do keep them stored in the up position and have absolutely no wobble to them when deployed. They seem to be right on par with other U.S. manufacturer's metal folding sights as far as price is concerned. The front sight is $79.99 and the rear sight runs $94.99. I have folded them up and down multiple times since the initial zero and have not seen a shift in the zero. It is very simple to switch between the large peep sight and the small peep sight. Much, much easier than Magpul's plastic MBUS sights. The tab is large enough and doesn't have too much resistance in order to flip the rear peep sight between the two different diameters. Since I have purchased my set of MBUS Pro sights, Magpul has made an update. They manufactured the front sight post into a rectangular shape. The narrow direction is for the shooter that doesn't mind the extra time it takes to acquire the sight picture in order to get a more precise shot with the thinner front sight. If the shooter desires a quicker, easier to see sight picture, then they can turn the front sight post 90 degrees in order to utilize the wider front sight post. For those looking for a set of target iron sights, Mapgul even makes a MBUS Pro LR rear sight that is adjustable between 200 and 600 meters, with 50 meter intervals. This sight runs around $119.99. These sights have worked well for me and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to invest into a set of robust folding sights.

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